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NQG-5.8Rail Cutting Machine

1.The structure is simple 2.The weight is light 3.The operation is convenient 4.safe and easy to move.



NQG-5.8 type internal combustion rail cutting machine is a kind of maintenance tool for public works. It not only has fast cutting speed and high quality, but also has low grinding wheel wear. It is locked by rail clamps. It has simple structure, light weight, convenient operation, Safe and easy to move. Suitable for public repairs, repair of broken rails in seamless lines, and for cutting rails in long-gauge welding plants. The imported small gasoline engine is used as the power, and the power is transmitted to the grinding wheel shaft through the pulley to drive the cutting wheel to rotate, so as to realize the purpose of cutting the rail. The main engine and the rail clamping device can be disassembled and easy to carry. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, fast cutting speed, high cutting section accuracy, reliable rail clamping, and convenient use. Applicable to various types of rails from 43 to 75kg/m.


Gasoline engine formsingle-cylinder air-cooled two-stroke (imported from Sweden: K1270R) 5.8 kW
Grinding wheel formdouble-layer reinforced wire mesh
Allowable linear speed of grinding wheel100 m/s
Rated speed≥4 500 r/min
Grinding wheel sizemedium 355x medium 25.4x3.8 mm
Cutting accuracyThe vertical deviation between the incision and the rail is less than or equal to 0.30 mm, and the plane deviation of the bidirectional cutting interface is less than or equal to 0.35 mm
Cutting time≤110 s (cut 60 kg/m rail)
Overall weight22 kg
Fuel tank capacity1.25L




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