Railway Platform Clearance Measurement

Railway Platform Clearance Measurement

Why need to measure the Platform Clearance ?

Railway platform clearance is one of the important basic standards of railway. It is not only involved with the locomotives and vehicles operation safety, but also matters to the security of passengers and railway workers. Which makes the accurate measuring gauge significantly important to the railway safety transportation.

What's the standard of Platform Clearance in China ?

The Vertical line of the rail surface height at 350mm ~ 1250mm of the rolling stock upper clearance contour is corresponding to side line of the platform.

Within 350mm ~ 1250mm from the rail surface, Half width dimension gauge of Passenger and Freight lines Rolling stock is 1675mm, Half width dimension gauge of Passenger dedicated EMU is 1700mm.

---State Railway Administration《Standard Gauge Railways》

How to measure the Platform Clearance?

We use Platform Gauge, it is just designed to measure the distance between railway track center to platform side and the height between rail surface to platform plane.

Our products parameter                                                                             unit(mm)

Horizontal  measurement rangeHeight measurement rangeAccuracy



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