What is Rail cant measurement device? How to use it ?

Feb. 18, 2022

What is rail cant ?

The main part of the wheel tread is an inward inclination of 1:40 or 1:20 .In order to make the top of the rail track under the wheel load with cone tread stressed uniformly ,decrease load offset, reduce rail web stress , avoid slit between rail head and rail web, the railway track shall not be laid upright for straight line, it shall be inward inclined ,this inward inclination of rail called Rail Cant, 


What does the rail cant do?

If the value of the rail cant is appropriate, the contact between the wheel and the rail can be concentrated in the middle of the rail top and the wheel contact surface, the axial force and lateral bias force of the rail will be weak, and the additional bending stress generated at the rail waist is also weak. It will Improve the lateral stability of the rail.

The appropriate rail cant can also reduce the uneven wear of the rail head and wheel tread, reduce the rail grinding amount and wheel cost, and extend the service life of the rail and wheel;reduce the iron debris caused by wear on the rail side to make the rail structure cleaner and reduce the stray current.It can be seen that the reasonable value of the rail cant has comprehensive benefits to the operation of the urban rail transit engineering, so the rail cant value is one of the important parameters of the rail system when design.


How to use rail cant measurement device?

As an important parameters in the rail system when design,Its importance should not be repeated, but how to measurement the value of the rail cant?We can provide a product for it,that is Rail Cant Measurement Device.

1. press the OK/ON key a while,

2. Place the detection side of the measurement device on the measurement point at the bottom of the rail,the cant ratio of the measurement point will be displayed on the OLED this time,the normal cant ratio is ±1:10 ~ ±1:200.When the cant ratio is less than ±1:200, the cant ratio is displayed as "flat cant".when the cant ratio is more than ±1:10, the cant ratio is always "0:00". Press the OK/ON key here,it shows the angle value and cant ratio.



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