Manual track gauge VS digital track gauge

Jun. 18, 2021

Mechanical rail track gauge. 

In practical operation, hold the handle and place the gauge vertically on the two rails for pressing.Put the fixed side close to the inside of one rail, pinch the handle with your right hand, put the movable end seat on the inside of the other side of the rail, release the handle, and make the movable side close to the rail.At this point, the number read from the compass is the gauge, and when the horizontal bubble is centered, the reading of the dial wheel is the difference in height at this position.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the mechanical track gauge has a simple structure, which is all mechanical structure. It is troublesome to operate and has low precision. Especially, super elevation will bring some error.There is also manual data recording and auxiliary lighting equipment at night, which brings great inconvenience to operators.

The digital display track gauge is equipped with the most cutting-edge microelectronic technology and intelligent data processing system, which is equipped with temperature compensation and optimization, and the temperature drift is small, thus eliminating the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction of materials on the measurement accuracy.The digital track gauge resolution is 0.01mm, and the horizontal resolution is better than 0.05mm, which can be used for the route with a speed not greater than 350Km/h.

And have these advantages : 
*1. Large LED backlit display: especially suitable for day outside and dark night 
* 2 Quick calibration operation: simple measurement process 
* 3 Large capacity battery:long standby time 
* 4 Accurate measurement:keep long-term stability 
* 5 Temperature compensation :working temperature is -30~+55℃ 
* 6 Insulated design 
* 7 Anti-electromagnetic interference 
* 8 Waterproof:could use in rainy day 
* 9 power saving function: no operation within 15 minutes, the system willautomatically shut down.

It can be seen that the digital track gauge has a great improvement on the traditional mechanical track gauge, and makes up for the shortcomings of the mechanical gauge reading time, measurement result randomness and human error.


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