Special Advantages For Lianjie Digital Track Gauge

Jul. 09, 2021

Special Advantages For Lianjie Digital Track Gauge

Brief introduction:

Why you choose Lianjie digital track gauge ? Here are 13 advantages for Lianjie digital track gauge: 

1). OLED  display screen  2).Temperature compensation function   3).Insulation function  4).Fast calibration function   5).Function design is humanized, simple operation  6). High accuracy   7).Rechargeable battery     8).Automatic shutdown    9). IP rate :IP66    10). Bluetooth Communication Function(Option)   11). On-demand Customized Supply    12).Automatic Reading Function  13).Environmental adaptation experiment

1. OLED  display screen: more  environmental suitability

The operating temperature of OLED is wide , it can be used in the range of -30℃~55℃ ,which meets  the environmental requirements of most parts of the world.

Low temperature at -30℃:video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5keDq6rFN8

How temperature at 55℃: video link :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=up9BHVluXC4

2.Temperature compensation function: 

ensure the measurement accuracy within the full temperature range  

1  super elevation Test data :

2  the temperature stability of superelevation graph :

3.Insulation function:

Our digital track gauge are insulated in two ways:

First ,There is an insulating block between the measuring seat and the ruler main body to ensure the insulation in the measuring state .

Second, both ends of the ruler have insulation jacket, to ensure the insulation that the ruler fell on the rail the insulation.

4.Fast calibration function Railway workers could make fast calibration for track gauge and super elevation on track before using.After calibration, it can be put into use. Fast calibration function could ensure the measurement accuracy back to factory level.

Super elevation fast calibration example:

5.Function design is humanized, simple operation1)one operation interface displays two groups of measurement data, which is convenient for workers to record and save working time  2) measure data also could display by single,could be more clear 3)measure data could choose display full data or difference data.

6.High accuracyModel JG0 accuracy is higher 50% than EU standard, model JG1 could arrive EU highest accuracy standard. Reach the world’s leading level.

7.Rechargeable batterymore environmentally friendly and real-time display the Quantity of electric charge

This digital track gauge is powered by lithium rechargeable battery (Li) with high performance and large capacity (3000mAh). It can work for more than 50h on full charge without changing the battery. It is more environmentally friendly and OLED screen displays the clearly and intuitively.

Power display: When the battery is full,means the power is sufficient. The indicator icon in the upper right corner  shows the power level. When the power is two bars ,It means 8 more hours of use; When the power is zero, please charge it as soon as possible

8.Automatic shutdown without operation for 15 minutes ,Power saving and low power alarm function

When the digital track gauge is in the measuring state, if nobody use the handle to pull or operate, the system will automatically shut down after 15 minutes, if you need to use the track gauge again when it is in the state of shutdown , it is necessary to turn on the track gauge and long press on/key with a prompt sound, release the key and enter the measurement interface 2 seconds later.There is a lithium battery pack with protective circuit installed in the track gauge. When the track gauge detects that the battery voltage is too low, it will send out an alarm of power failure. At this time, it can still work normally for 8 hours, so it should be charged in time. When the battery voltage is reduced to a certain extent, the circuit in the gauge may  shut down automatically forprotection.

9.IP rate :IP66

our Ingress Protection Code is IP66

rain test

10.Bluetooth Communication Function

Our digital track gauge is equipped with Bluetooth communication function, supporting our own APP and cloud server.

The digital track gauge synchronizes the measurement data to the APP via Bluetooth, and the APP stores the measurement data and provides over-limit alarm. After the data measurement is completed, the APP uploads the data to the cloud server through the network for background data analysis.

Figure 10-1


The data synchronization between digital Track gauge and hand-held terminal:

11.  On-demand Customized Supply

Can be customized according to customer requirements, including color, length, language interface, special functions, etc. OEM is available.

12.  Automatic Reading Function

During the measuring process, only need to gently pinch the handle, the spring drive the measuring head to move, that can realize automatic reading, easy to understand and operate. 

Video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Da7FZjJN-KQ

13.Environmental adaptation experiment

1)Radiation test

Test function:test the product's anti-interference ability and performance stability in radio frequency electromagnetic field.

2)Temperature-humidity test

Test function:Through the accelerated artificial environment test simulating the product affected by the humid and hot environment factors in storage and use, the influence of the warm and hot environment on the product was studied to identify the moisture-proof property of the product and test the adaptability of the product in storage, transportation and use in the humid and hot environment

3)Electrostatic discharge test

Test function:Test product performance under electrostatic conditions and the anti-interference degree of electrostatic.


4)4) Power frequency magnetic field test

Test function:Test the product performance in the power frequency (continuous and short time) magnetic field and its anti-interference degree to the magnetic field.

5)Vibration test

Test FunctionBy simulating the vibration and impact conditions of the actual environment, the products are examined and tested to verify the vibration resistance life and stability of performance indexes.

6.Fatigue test
Experimental conclusion: after 100000 times of fatigue test, the fastening parts of the track gauge are not loose, three sets of test data show that, Parallelism of the track surface, Super-elevation zero error, super-elevation indication error, super-elevation 180˚turn around error, super-elevation indication repeatability, track gauge indication error, track gauge indication repeatability ,all the data are accord with national standard "TB/T 1924-2008 standard railway track gauge" the requirements of the relevant provisions.

The video link of fatigue test: https://youtu.be/Yx28jKpt3iM


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